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The break up

If you’ve broken up with your girlfriend then you’ll probably be asking yourself “how do you get your girlfriend back?”

It’ll also seem unreal.

[highlight bg="#fc0" color="#000"]It was just yesterday that you did everything together. She was a big part in your life but now- she’s just a stranger and you’re left all alone. [/highlight]

It can start off like a dream (your relationship) but can quickly become instead, a bad dream.

Then it happens.

A painful separation or break up .

Then again, there are those that somehow reunite soon after .

Of course, there are those that never do .

A relationship by nature can be extremely complex at its’ core.

These are the categories where a relationship will often fall in.

[label style="info"]First Category[/label]

Women who are looking for “security” often find themselves with a wealthy man even though they were never actually attracted to the man in first place .

Of course, she could at a moment’s notice leave this guy for another wealthier guy who can keep up with her expensive tastes and expectations.

Are you that rich guy whose ex has left you for another “richer” guy? If this is so, please do yourself a favor and forget about your ex .

Although is may sound brutal, you should move on and find another girl who isn’t with you just because just because of your success .

Do you know that there are a great number of gorgeous girls in your neighborhood just waiting for someone to give them dedication and love so why not you?

Why don’t you give your heart to that someone?

Really, there are so many beautiful girls that want you for who you are.

Don’t buy that? Then you have to wake up.

If I sound too blunt, I will apologize but somebody must tell you this!

Think I’m nuts? That’s because you don’t know the great things that you’re truly capable of.

I can’t go into this because this is another whole new level of discussion.

We just won’t have time to cover this here.

You can think about getting some great insight about how you can be attractive to girls by clicking here.

[label style="info"]Category Two[/label]

If you need a proven, fool-proof plan and you can’t wait any longer, click here to find out how you can quickly win her back and away from the “other” guy before any real damage is done.

Let’s talk about the guy that will chase a girl to the ends of the earth and beyond even if she has flat out rejected the guy from the very beginning.

He wins sometimes and loses other times.

While she may not have been attracted in the beginning, she may have a change of heart down the road because of his relentless persistence.

However, because relationships are complex animals, it can end if for example the girl in question finally meets someone she feels more attraction for .

More often than not, women are more likely to stay in a relationship then to destroy the relationship as a result of wanting to feel a sense of security.

[label style="info"]Category Three[/label]

This can sound strange but there are times when two people are literally forced into a relationship, whether it’s through some form of arrangement conceived by their parents, friends or whatever.

However, there are instances when one of the couple is attracted to the other but realizes that the other does not feel the same.

Again, there are times when a relationship like this can last for many reasons.

[label style="info"]Category Four[/label]

You were introduced to this attractive girl and the both of you hit it off.

The problem is, that initial attraction ends for one party at a later point in time.

It may be that one simply feels that the other isn’t suitable to him or her.

He or she then wants to end the relationship.

[label style="info"]Category Five[/label]

Another guy arrives into the equation and changes the relationship status quo!

What happens next is that this new guy starts dating your girlfriend, and she discovers that this guy is better suited to her.

But again, this doesn’t mean that their relationship can last forever. Even their relationship could end somewhere along the road later.

So how do you get your girlfriend back if this is the case? Don’t worry about this now. Read on….

[label style="info"]Category Six[/label]

The both of you met and instantly had that connection. It was perfect.

But it soon turns ugly, when the fighting begins over some lame weekend plan.

[highlight bg="#fc0" color="#000"] Then the break up happens over that silly quarrel or argument that we talked about.[/highlight]

No doubt, there are other ways a relationship can start and end- but these are the most common.

If your relationship falls into any one but the first category, then there is certainly hope.

You don’t have to lose hope yet.

If you know how to go about this, you can still win your girlfriend back.

The big question: your relationship

[note color="#FFCC00"] But let me ask you a seemingly “dumb” question.

Do you want her back in your arms? Really, actually want her back?

Stop! It’s not really that dumb a question if you think about this.

Do you think that your girlfriend was happy during the time when you were together?

Please take a moment and consider.[/note]

Maybe, you guys just weren’t meant to be together. The both of you never had anything in common.

Did the both of you feel a deep connection with the other? Did you feel that there was chemistry in your relationship?

You’ll have to answer this honestly.

Why ask yourself this?

Because this important question can help you to make the best decision.

If your answer was yes, then do it.

Put your plan into action and get her back with you.

Did you answer no to the questions? Then you’re really just robbing yourself of something wonderful yet to come.

And what’s this something wonderful?

[highlight bg="#fc0" color="#000"] Someone special that you will have a bond and connection with that you’ve never experienced before in your life![/highlight]

If you want her back in spite of this, then continue reading:

The plan

If your ex girlfriend and you had loved each other, but something happened to cause the break up, the first thing that you should do is to understand that you truly have a chance to get her back with her.

The breaking up cycle is a vicious one.

It can really take a toll on a person leaving that person physically and emotionally drained and exhausted.

But you can be forgiven for that!

But now, you must get back on your “FEET” and pick yourself up.

[note color="#FFCC00"] I must tell you that this is probably the most vital part of your plan to get her back.

Can you do this successfully?

Don’t doubt yourself.

You can! Even if she has a new guy, you must! Corny as this may sound, you simply have no choice. [/note]

You must be able to regain control of your life and emotions to begin your mission!

No way anyone can pull off a mission successfully if they can’t even think properly!

Even the best trained soldier will get himself killed going into battle almost instantly- if his mind is all over the place and he’s not focused.

I can see that you agree!

Patience, Control, Discipline

There are certain behavioral patterns and traits that you must adopt if you want to win your battle. And adopt a special set of skills.

And what are these set of skills or behavioral patterns?

[note color="#FFCC00"] Patience. Control. Discipline.

A soldier can’t possibly succeed without these set of skills and behavioral patterns.

So: Do not contact your ex until you have acquired these set of skills.[/note]

Take time out to let yourself heal. You have to let her heal too.

While one can’t deny that it takes time to heal, you can stop the pain by accepting the break up and you’ll be surprised how much faster you can heal and regain control of your emotions.

Do you make it a point to give her a call every other day? Then you have to stop!

How do you get your girlfriend back? Let her heart heal, so that she can also calm down and will also be able to take better control of her emotions.

[highlight bg="#fc0" color="#000"]Letting her calm down will let her better make those important decisions that she’ll have to.[/highlight]

Which is to get back with you!

The next phase of the plan

Here’s what you can do next:

Get really busy and meet some new cool people.

During this “cool off” period, you will execute the next “phase” of our plan.

[note color="#FFCC00"] You should start making new friends.

There are so many ways to meet new people and girls today that I’m not even going to go into details here.

Don’t neglect this part of the plan.

You’ve got to make a real effort to meet girls. [/note]

This is part of your “plan” to succeed.

Make sure you do this. (There are numerous free dating sites online do a search and get busy..)

Next, get into a fitness program and get into shape.

Women like men that are physically fit!

Also, it’ll help you build your confidence!

Make this happen, okay? You don’t need to hit an expensive gym or anything like that.

There are affordable gyms and ways to work out so you shouldn’t have any excuses.

You don’t have to work out 7 days a week. Two to three days will do just fine.

Before you get into a fitness program, check with you doctor first.

Your next step and action

Get cracking and read best selling motivational books by best selling authors.

Here’s a suggestion. It’s a book called the Magic of Thinking Big. If you already have some great motivational material, go ahead and read them again.

[note color="#FFCC00"] Feed your mind!

You’ll need to do this. It’s important to your success.

If you want to succeed, you have to understand something about yourself that you’ve never realized. Or perhaps forgotten.

That you have potential for great things in your life. [/note]

Creating a live that you truly deserve and having everything that you want.

Whether it’s financial freedom or attracting positive things in your life like beautiful girls or your ex, you have the potential to achieve these wonderful things for yourself.

Get that education and learn how to empower yourself now.

Attracting women

So what’s next?

Learn what makes a man attractive to women. Find a book or even two and read it.

[list style="star"]

    > List item

[/list]Learn how to be attractive to girls and your ex so that she will be drawn to you again.

Does that make any sense?

Here’s the book again if you want to pick it up.

What’s next then?

3-4 weeks should have gone by now since you’ve last contacted her.

You’re now in complete control of your emotions and you’re a much more calmer person.

By now, you’ve got yourself a bunch of new friends and a couple of numbers from a couple of pretty girls that want to “hang” out with you…

You feel pretty confident about yourself and know how to attract pretty girls when you want to.

You know you have the potential to be a winner and a successful person in life.

And to your surprise, you realize that you miss her a lot less than you used to.

At this moment, you only want to renew your “friendship” with her and start fresh.

You only want that and nothing more.

Hold on, you nutcase. The only reason I’m reading this is because I want her back!

[note color="#FFCC00"] Patience is the key here.

Stick with the plan, and it’ll be okay.

This plan has worked well for tons of folks, so it’ll work for you too.
Unless she calls you up to say that she’s ready to “fix” things, continue with the next step.

Please be sure that you do not sound like you’re desperate and that you’re still hung about her.

Remember: You really shouldn’t try this until you’re absolutely ready.

Of course, you shouldn’t wait forever too!

Be sure that you are without doubt “over” her at this point.

Begin as “friends” again.

Be sure it’s genuine and no act.

Women know when it’s an act and unnatural.

Girls have this sixth sense, or supernatural ability that clues them in.

They can always tell if you’re the genuine article or not, really confident or just putting on a show for them.

Listen closely to what she says.

Pay attention.

Most of the times, we don’t pay as much attention to what someone else is saying as much as we think.

Lend her your full support and give her your attention when she confides in you.

If she starts about her current boyfriend, do not show any weaknesses.

[note color="#FFCC00"] It’s imperative that you don’t appear to be jealous!

Listen but be neutral when possible.

Listen to her, talk and don’t expect anything.[/note]

If your conversation gets to a point where it becomes “personal” and you feel like you need to own up to your mistakes, or take responsibility for something that you should, then by all means- do it.

But be gentle yet firm. Use words like I apologize. Don’t use words like “I’m sorry”. Or I’m so, so, sorry!

Sorry is such a negative word and sends out really negative vibes.

Believe me- You don’t need any type of that energy right now between the both of you.

Don’t start breaking down and start crying!

This will bring yourself back to square one.

Remember to exercise control

Women and girls despise seeing a grown man cry! And a grown man who is needy!

The earlier you understand that, the more attractive you’ll be the girls as a general rule.

[note color="#FFCC00"] Girls are attracted to men who are confident about themselves.

Remember. Be gentle, supportive and thoughtful when you’re with your girlfriend.

Hold on, I’m not saying you’ll have to jump every time she gives you an order!

Girls don’t respect that in a man.
Don’t play the tough guy role though!

The better option is to imitate a certain famous secret agent.

Yes, you know who!

He’s smooth and has smarts, confidence and an attractive charming personality. And he can be pretty gentle with the ladies as you notice.

Listen: Now isn’t the time you force her back into a relationship with you.

Don’t push her if she’s not ready. Back away and give her that space.

Please, remember to be patient. Patience is the key here. Remember that.

If you’ve been following the steps, she should already feel that she wants to spend more time with you.

If she drops a bomb shell on you by telling you that it’s her freedom that she wants or that she can’t see you anymore, please remain calm. Accept this decision!

[highlight bg="#fc0" color="#000"] Patience is a virtue! Don’t forget this. [/highlight]

Stay cool, but keep in touch. You can either reduce the frequency or increase it whenever you see fit.

Don’t push her too hard, or you could drive her straight back to her new boyfriend. And that’s not going to do right?

Create a problem for her, and she’ll naturally want to talk to someone about it.

Guess who that could be! Her new B.F is who.

Let’s talk about what you should try to create during your “dates”.

Only one thing to remember about this: Your dates must be electrically and emotionally charged.

Make your “outings” or dates short and brief.

The first date can be over a quick and nice dinner.

Please keep your meet up casual and stay away from the intimate and personal stuff.

Arrange for another “date” after this and make sure you follow the electrically charged “dating” rule.

Emotional experience

So what is this electrically charged date thing?

Forget about boring dinner and movie dates already.

Take some time and plan this.

Use your imagination.

You could go to the best club in town and have a blast.

Or talk a nice walk on the beach for a bit. (Remember, keep it casual please!)

[note color="#FFCC00"] The whole concept is to create a unique, emotionally challenging “experience” for her.

To sum this up: Stir up a whirlpool of emotions in her for you. So that she’ll want more every time!

Be strong, have confidence and faith in yourself.[/note]

So now you have basic strategy for your question: How do you get your girlfriend back!

With a correct approach, you’ll have a winning chance to the least.

Stay calm. Stay cool. And have confidence in yourself okay?

If you feel that you need someone to walk you down this road and you don’t want to chance failing because you know every second counts- why not click here and find out how?

[highlight bg="#fc0" color="#000"] Her new boyfriend will only be satisfied with holding her hands for only so long. If you feel that you need the help, then get it quickly.[/highlight]

I wish you all the best, and wish you every success!

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