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August 16th, 2012 · No Comments · How do you get your girlfriend back.. Observe the signs

by: Michele Gordon

how do you get your girlfriend back observe the signs post picture[dropcap style="2"]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to an ex, there’s always the possibility of overreacting to the smallest of details and wonder if our girlfriend actually wants us back. Don’t fall into this trap so do be careful. Even if your ex girlfriend has feelings for you, it may not indicate that she actually wants to get back with you.

The trick then- is to be able to make that distinction so that you’ll know for sure.

How do you get your girlfriend back? Well, here are some tell tales sign that you might want to look out that will give you the signals that she really wants to get back with you.

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    Your girlfriend stays in touch with you and starts the contact. Important: There are times that your ex may do this because of an obligation she feels towards you. It’s even possible that she contacted you simply because she wants to catch up and chat. So don’t jump to conclusions.
  • Your ex is still available and isn’t seeing anyone- and has no plans to pursue a relationship in the close future.
  • She changes her appearance to one that she’s aware that you like. If she visually alters her appearance, a habit or personality it’s a good sign that she’s still keen to get back with you.
  • She appears to be genuinely interested in your welfare and want to help you out in any way that she possibly can.
  • She speaks about the break up and offers her p.o.v (point of view) about a misunderstanding that might have happened leading to the break up. Maybe she even talked about how she would have reacted to the situation differently if presented with another opportunity.
  • She gets a little nervous when she’s around you. Even a little flirtatious. This is a great sign that she’s still into you.
  • She’s ready to make a real effort to be with you when you need her there. Tread lightly on this one- there are instances when an ex would do this out of obligation or even guilt.
  • She speaks casually about her future and hints that you’re a part of that future.


Now, if you see a combination of some or all of the above signs in your ex, then there’s a good chance that she’s still in love with you and your future looks mighty bright at that.

But before you jump the gun and ask her then and there- all these signs does not necessarily guarantee that your ex will drop everything she’s doing and run back to you with her arms wide opened.

Take a moment and watch our video first:

[dropcap style="2"]C[/dropcap]onsider this:

If she was the one that wanted to break up with you, obviously these signals are conflicting and downright confusing.

[dropcap style="2"]T[/dropcap]his could indicate then that:

She’s unsure! While she may want to get back together with you on one hand, the reasons for the break up may still be at the back of her mind. Talk about mixed emotions!

[dropcap style="2"]S[/dropcap]o this could be happening:

She’s waiting. And watching like a hawk to see what you do next. And testing you to see if you’ll change your “wicked” ways- the ones that caused the break up in the first place. Yeah, they do that. Girls!

She’s also teasing you of sorts. Call it ego. Call it whatever you want. Testing to see if you want them, and if you do- it makes them feel good about themselves.

So how do you really tell? How will you really know??

Some people do actually need more time before they decide. It’s entirely possible that she wants to stay single. Take a breather. For now.

Now this is especially true if the relationship was any good. She may want to take a breather to find out who she really is.

[note color="#FFCC00"]

This is vital for you to know!

She may feel that she needs time to better plan her relationships in the future- whether it’s with you or some other guy.

So this is what you’ll need to do. Be a true friend for now- and she will be eternally grateful to you.

Come back next time when we talk about an ex who may just be leading their ex boyfriend on for no other reason than to use them. We’ll talk about what to look for and how to avoid that.

If you’re still asking the question: How do you get your girlfriend back and feel that you absolutely must get help now NOW before your ex girlfriend takes it to the next level with her new boyfriend (assuming she has one) or just want to get her back as soon as possible- then click on the link to your right.

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