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How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

September 4th, 2012 · 1 Comment · How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

By Mike Hughes

picture of a pretty young girl[dropcap style="1"]G[/dropcap]oing through a break up is difficult. Having to go through life alone without your girlfriend by your side will take a lot of getting used to, as you have already been accustomed to having her with you all the time. Winning someone back can be just as difficult, but it would be more devastating not to try. To win a girl’s heart again will be like finding a needle on a haystack, but it will definitely be worth the risk.

How can you get your girlfriend back? Before anything else, try to understand why the break up happened in the first place. [list style="gear"]

  • What are the reasons why things didn’t go well as it should?
  • Was it because of infidelity?
  • A misunderstanding?
  • Whose fault was it?


It is important to know and understand the reason. If it was infidelity on your part, it might be hard to gain your girlfriend’s trust back. Trust is one of, if not the most, difficult thing to gain back when lost. You’ll be one lucky guy should you gain back her trust, but believe me, it will not be easy.

[dropcap style="1"]A[/dropcap]girl can forgive, but not forget, especially painful things such as having a disloyal boyfriend. If it was infidelity on her part, maybe you can talk to her about why she chose someone else over you, but that is, if she would agree to. Maybe she found something wrong about you, your relationship, your habits, beliefs, or felt that you are not compatible with her, which you have to understand and respect. If your break up was because of a misunderstanding, maybe you can talk things over with her for you to be able to patch things up.

You can also try to get back your girlfriend by courting her again. Courtship doesn’t mean putting your best foot forward, but rather, to show your true self. If there were things that she didn’t like about how you were before (or you didn’t like about how she was before), try to make a compromise. [list style="gear"]

  • Try your best to change your old ways, not just for her, but also for yourself.
  • Make your intentions clear.
  • Do not do things just to impress her.
  • Show her how much you really love her and want her back. But do this in a way that doesn’t involve “begging” or “crying about it.”
  • Do not court her by courting her friends or family, or by bugging them to convince her to get back with you, as this will only turn her off.


She has her own mind and heart that can decide. Though her friends and family can influence her decision, in the end, she will still be the one who will decide (and not them). If she is not yet ready to give your relationship another shot, respect her decision and give her the space that she needs.

[note color="#FFCC00"] Sometimes, women only want to have some space to reflect, rethink and come to their senses, to know exactly what they want. In the end, the decision will rely on her and it will, for sure, be for the best.

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  1. J.R Rom on said:

    Hello. My situation is not covered here! I don’t know what to do anymore, my relationship is in a strange situation . how do you get your girlfriend back if this situation is something not covered here

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